Will You Still Stand True? 
A Christian Poem about suffering and faith


When you face your failures
and when you see your disgrace,
when you stand alone
sometimes in a miserable dark place.

When you feel all alone
and like nobody cares,
when you look in the mirror
and wonder why you are there.

When you find out being called
is a rough and hard place,
will you still reach out
for His warm embrace?

When you've done all you can do
on that road that never ends,
when you see your weakness in the battle
will you still stand?

We are tested and tried
purged through and through,
when you have no natural strength left
what will you do?

When you think that your training
will never end,
and that the life of bliss
will never begin.

When trials have left you weak
and without breath,
will you still respond to the call
to die yet another death?

There is a path that is wide
but the narrow we choose,
with God on our side
it is impossible to lose.

The world is against us
with all of our fears,
sometimes we count the cost
while God counts our tears.

Our ministry and lives
are never in vain,
even though mostly
our trials often bring pain.

We labor and endure
and fight the good fight,
we would rather battle darkness
than be enemies of Light.

For some of us
there is no choice,
we'd rather serve God
we've heard a sure Voice.

Weeping may endure
and last through the night,
but we refuse to give in
and quit the fight.

We labor day and night
and toil for souls,
this is our path
the life we've chose.

If you ask me if it's worth it
the price we must pay,
of being in ministry
and serving this way.

Despised and rejected
they respected Him not,
but after all this
He still paid the cost.

I have read His book
and I know the end,
a crown of joy
for all who serve Him.

I know the price
I have counted the cost,
but after all this
I consider it all loss.

Just to gain Jesus
is worth the price,
and to save souls from hell
is truly the life.

So if you are ever
tempted to quit,
just think of the souls
before you give in.

When you are down
and sometimes feel blue,
tested and tried
will you still stand true?

Tempted and in trouble
the enemy presses from every side,
you find your way out
'cause He is your guide.

We have this hope
our Faithful Friend,
keep thinking of Jesus
and you'll endure to the end!