7 Biblical Concepts For Building Strong New Leaders



1)  Every Christian is called to serve.

*The Holy Spirit has given everyone spiritual gifts.

* The pastor must discern people's gifts and then involve people in ministry.

* Put people to work, then watch them. 

* The leaders and the 'service-gifted' will become apparent. 

* Use the principle that those who are 'found faithful in the little things will be found faithful in the big things'. (Mt. 25:14-30) 


2) Every leader is a trainer. (Eph 4:11-12) 

* Leaders are equippers. 

* A pastor's job description should be structured around equipping people to do ministry. 


3) You learn by doing. 

* Jesus sent out the twelve. 

* They had been with him and watched him, now he sent them out to DO. 

* We need to teach people what to do, then let them learn by doing. 


4) You learn to walk by falling down less and less. 

* It's OK to fall down! 

* If there are no mistakes being made, we are probably being too conservative. 

* We need to give people an environment where it's OK to fail. 

* Fall FORWARD as you fall DOWN. Learn from your mistakes. 


5) You succeed when mistakes are easily forgiven. 

* If we are going to try, and expect some failures, we need to forgive others mistakes easily. 

* Some of our most stellar (potential) performers are real jerks at times, and make some real mistakes. We need to encourage, confront, guide and direct them. 


6) Only train those who DO something. 

* Ministry is not a spectator sport; only those who are already in ministry should be trained for further ministry. 

* Gradual progression of constantly increasing responsibility. 

* Make it easy for people to get into the beginning stages of ministry. (see point #1) Folding chairs, handing out programs, ... 


7) Never train the rebellious or disinterested. 

* Faithfulness and fruitfulness should be requirements for training, not rebellion or disinterest. 

* Don't put a rebellious person in a position of authority, or you are asking for headaches later.